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Recent Scheels Community Posts:

  • Giving Thanks November 27, 2014
    Jeremy Elbert, Wildlife Pursuit The month of November is without a doubt one of the best for hunters across the U.S. The timing of hunting seasons, opportunities in the field and the “rut” create many fortunate moments for all sportsmen. Read on! → The post Giving Thanks appeared first on Scheels Community.
    Megan Havig
  • Asking for Permission November 18, 2014
    Matt Skoy, Wildlife Pursuit It’s that time of year again, and all you can think about is hunting. Every year, thousands of hunters across the country venture into the woods to chase wild game. What if you do not own Read on! → The post Asking for Permission appeared first on Scheels Community.
    Morgan Goronkin
  • Trail Camera Setup Tips November 7, 2014
    Nate Anderson, Wildlife Pursuit When it comes to scouting and preparing for hunting nothing has changed the game like the trail camera. It seems like every hunter in the woods uses cameras and many people use several all year long. With Read on! → The post Trail Camera Setup Tips appeared first on Scheels Community.
    Megan Havig
  • Tree Stand Basics October 31, 2014
    Matt Skoy, Wildlife Pursuit Where we position ourselves for the big hunt will make all the difference in the world. A lot of factors come into place when hanging tree stands. You may want to consider the following points when hanging Read on! → The post Tree Stand Basics appeared first on Scheels Community.
    Megan Havig
  • Making the Switch October 24, 2014
    Ashley Kurtenbach, Wildlife Pursuit Why I Choose the Elite Energy 32 We all have our “favorites” of everything whether it’s a choice of pizza or your hunting gear, we tend to favor one brand over another. Once you find what you Read on! → The post Making the Switch appeared first on Scheels Community.
    Megan Havig

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