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How long should my ground blind be setup?

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Archery season is getting close! I mean REAL close! As I’m writing this, opening day here in North Dakota is only 9 days away. I went out last night to check cameras and set up a ground blind and got thinking that it was getting too close to season to be doing this. The more I worked, the more I realized that this is almost perfect timing for getting my ground spots set up.

How long before my hunt should I get my ground blind set up?

If you asked me, “How long before my hunt should I get my ground blind set up?” I’d tell you 1-2 weeks. That should likely be a short enough period to still allow you to hunt the current pattern, while giving the deer enough time to get familiar with the blind. We all know deer movement patterns change quite often, and if I would have set the blinds I plan to hunt a month or more before season, sure the deer would be used to it, but who’s to say they’ll be on the same pattern by then? Anybody who has done ground blind hunting also knows that it isn’t always easy to get set up. There’s the hike in, finding the spot, clearing the area, brushing it in, and clearing the shooting lanes. With the amount of labor and time involved in moving and setting up blinds, I want to have mine where the deer are. I was reassured that my timing and location was good when a doe walked up the trail while I was setting the blind, and that I got pictures of the buck I’m after just the night before almost an hour before sunset. To argue the opinion that this timing is too close to my hunt, let’s put the numbers to it: From the time I put up the blind until archery opener, there will have been 232 hours for the deer to get acclimated to the blind, and 232 hours for me to deal with crazy anticipation and big antlers in my dreams!
by Curt Barnes

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